Bags 4.0

For all areas of life where you need a lot of storage space, MAXIMA is the right bag. With a small inside pocket, important things have a safe place.

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The hard-knit pocket felt is sturdy and durable.
With its high capacity, the bag MAXIMA finds a versatile use.

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The carrycot IMMERDA is a constant companion. It will always be there for you in any everyday situation. The fine merino wool gives her a charming look.

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IMMERDA is sewn from 100% merino wool in Berlin. She has a sturdy shoulder strap made of vegetable tanned leather from Italy.

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The MORPHO collection is the foundation for practical use in everyday life. The bags are spacious, lightweight, to comfortably manage the essentials. Complemented with the smaller PLUSMINUS bag, it gains added value.

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Its smooth shape fits well on the body. Made of 100% merino wool, it is the ideal bag for everyday wear. The perfect material is soft, lightweight and at the same time robust, dirtrepellent and durable. Hand sewn in Berlin, the bag is a reliable companion.

In simple elegance or brightly colored.

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Take your business looks to the next level with this elegant bag. The business bag has a modern, handy design. It guarantees that your documents and utensils are always in perfect order.

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The felt is made of 100% merino wool and leather. For this bag, the belt is obtained in one piece from a Vachette. A bag for lovers of pure craftsmanship produced in Germany.

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Play with the interchangeable straps to give your MORPHO or PLUSMINUS a new look whenever you want!

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The belts made of 100% merino wool are available in different colors and sizes.

Be creative.

The clutch KLAPP is the ideal small bag for going out. The simple elegance allows a diverse use.

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KLAPP has a large compartment and a small inner compartment. Made of 100% merino wool, it is pleasantly soft in the hand.

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