Extraordinary pieces

t the ALPENFLORA bags, traditional South Tyrolean craftarts meets modern design. The bags are characterized by their handcarved motif. The felt, as well as the pine wood, I get from mountain farmers in South Tyrol.

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The bags offer an experience for all the senses with the handknitted felt made of mountain sheep wool and the pine wood. Dedicated to the queens of alpine flowers, the collection includes three different models.

Take a look at the alpine flora and discover the unique bags.

This little flatterer RUNDUM
ensures great protection.

It’s over with knots, cable breaks
and other inconveniences.

[et_pb_image_n10s src=”https://www.m-design-handwerk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/AS_Kopfhörertasche.jpg” n10s_type=”berlin” image_as_url=”on” url=”/produkt/kopfhoerertasche/” image_alpha_hover=”0.85″ admin_label=”KHT” _builder_version=”3.12″][/et_pb_image_n10s]
Original carrying bag for your headphones made of 100% merino wool.

Stay in this little handwarmed bag
Your headphones arranged and protected.

Discover more colorful models.

A decorative protection for our important means of expression – the hand.

The glove without seams. The seamless gloves are sturdy and let
no wind pull through. They wrap
Put your hands in heat.

[et_pb_image_n10s src=”https://www.m-design-handwerk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/AS_Fäustlinge.jpg” n10s_type=”berlin” image_as_url=”on” url=”/produkte-2__trashed/accessoires/” image_alpha_hover=”0.85″ admin_label=”Handschuhe” _builder_version=”3.12″][/et_pb_image_n10s]
These gloves made of 100% merino wool nestle against your hands and protect you from the cold and icy winds.

The gloves are available in many different colors. Defy the gray season.

Here it goes to the happyvoting models.