It is the oldest textile craft in the world: felting. The production of a felt is done with natural resources, water and vegetable oil soap. Through the felting and milling process, the fibers condense and form a solid, robust surface, which nevertheless behaves flexibly.


Wood carving is an ancient and very popular folk art. The wood processing for the bags by m Design Handwerk is carried out by a farmer in South Tyrol. For this the wood of the stone pine is used. It is a very light wood and soft. So finest motives can be worked out.


Sewing is a very common craft and is often used in many areas. For the production of the products of m Design handicraft this craftsmanship contributes a small contribution. The reason for this is that most of the products of m Design Handwerk are made in one piece.


The embroidery is also a very old craft. The embroideries for the bags by m Design Handwerk are implemented with machines by a Berlin embroidery. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with new techniques allows an update. This way, old craftsmanship is preserved and, at the same time, brought into the future through the combination of new technologies.