Sheep’s wool is a high quality natural product even after processing to felt the natural properties preserved. Small color deviations and smaller inclusions of natural fibers on the surface are proof of the 100% natural origin of the material. This underlines the uniqueness of the material – but does not represent a reason for complaint.

Due to its natural properties, the material is ideal for a protective use. Wool is naturally dirt-repellent due to its structure and natural fat content. The material is water-repellent. Drop-shaped wetness rolls on felt without penetrating.

This creates the best conditions for a high-quality product.

Responsibility to customers has the highest priority.

The wool used for the products of m Design Handwerk comes from a German production and is processed according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

But also the tanners of the material are very important to me. So I process wool, which is mulesing free.


Another natural material, which is exceptional for the use of the bags is wood. But not just anybody, but the wood of the stone pine. It is a light and soft wood and therefore very well suited. The stone pine is a pine species native to the Alpine region. Growth, color, texture and grain are unique in each tree. So here too irregularities occur.


Leather is also a genuine natural product. It is like felt a resistant material. Through a wealth of individual skin characteristics, each piece is unique.

The leathers used for the products of m design craft, are exclusively vegetable tanned leather. The leathers are sourced from Germany. The skins are tanned and dyed exclusively in renowned tanneries in Italy, France and Spain in compliance with the high European standards for leather production.

The claim to sustainability also flows here. These are exclusively skins from animals that come from the food chain.

Product properties with natural material use

Each product of m Design Craft has its own look, character and liveliness. Natural characteristics, deviations and features emphasize the uniqueness of the products and are not a quality defect. They do not represent a reason for complaint.