Here I give you insights into my work. Read how new projects and connections are created and take a look behind the scenes.

Visit from Ostwestfalen

After the design days 2017 in Brandenburg, a solid foundation for the smallest of mine has been laid Pockets laid. – The headphone bag. For a support in the production I ordered the felter Ulrike Wieland from Ostwestfalen. Together, we went through the individual production steps of a headphone bag, which will be an integral part of my product world in the future.

Meeting with the felt network e.V.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the felt network e.V. I was cordially invited and welcomed with curiosity. The felt network is an association, which is committed to the reputation of the craft. Through the use of the members, the diversity of the felt and its possible uses are carried out into the world. This concern is also close to my heart. So I got in contact with the board and could arouse interest. The meeting took place in a manageable round. Filzeninnen from different regions of Germany participated. For me, this session was a tremendous asset. Among the participants were the felters Susanne Breuling and Ulrike Wieland. On this day, a foundation stone was laid for a wonderful collaboration with the two filzers and since October 2017, I also belong to the felt network e.V.

Insights into the rural craft

Emergence of enriching cooperation

In summer 2016 I started to pursue an idea and started a wonderful journey. Many years I visit South Tyrol. Over time, a deep relationship with the region and the people has developed. For me all these years gave an insight into the local life. My attention was especially the South Tyrolean farmers. Through various situations and observation of the development of the South Tyrolean agriculture and peasant world at the farm, I learned about the difficult situation of the farmers. For the South Tyrolean farmers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance their lives purely by agriculture. But they can not leave the house often enough to earn extra income elsewhere. So I saw the opportunity to contribute with my skills supportive. Some farmers earn their extra income at the farm with crafted products. The prerequisite for a new product / product development are also time resources. For a new product, new ideas as well as concepts and designs have to be developed. Production as well as marketing require further free periods, which the farmers have to create alongside their work at the farm. However, these are often difficult to reconcile with agriculture. Above all, it is important to maintain existing success situations. My goal was to work with South Tyrolean farmers to consolidate the second pillar. A second aspect was the preservation of the valuable craftsmanship of the peasants, which are passed on from generation to generation and must not be lost.


The first journey was short, but the foundation was laid for a wonderful cooperation. My first goal was the seat of the South Tyrol Farmers’ Union in Bolzano to present my project and to coordinate further steps. After the kick-off meeting with the marketing department of the Südtiroler Bauernbund, I got in contact with the farmers.


Back in Bolzano, I met during a long stay with the farmers Rita Amort and Helmuth Hochkofler on their farms. This journey brought us together. I would welcome and got to know the crafts carving and wet felting. First, I met with the farmer’s wife Rita Amort and got to know her and her craft. Your farm is located in Altrei at 1,200 altitude difference. Together with the farmer’s wife, the wool was selected and adjusted. Now, strength and endurance was needed. In between, we had to strengthen ourselves and ate dinner together. Then it went on. The art of wet felting was taught to me by the farmer’s wife. After a drying phase I went with the finished wool felt to the farmer Helmuth Hochkofler. Directly on Durnholzer See at 1,560 meters altitude is his farm. I met him and his father. To third in the workshop, we discussed the design and manufacture of the bag body. Based on the wool felt, the bag body is defined accurately. Helmuth and Josef Hochkofler made the item for the bag. The biggest challenge was to create an optimal connection of the two materials. In a prototype development is never foresee, what you need in the end everything. So we got support from a nearby resident for the connection a peasant who is a traditional shoemaker and therefore had the right knowledge and material for us.


Once again, it took me to the court of Helmuth Hochkofler to discuss the result with him. We were very satisfied. With the finished bag I was invited for a final discussion at the South Tyrolean Farmers Association. Again, the employees of the Marketing Department were enthusiastic about everything.


In the summer I went to South Tyrol and visited the two farmers. The result was the planning for a trade fair appearance at the booth of the Südtiroler Bauernbund, which we also implemented. Here you can get a glimpse of the creative fair Bolzano.